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Climate change forces fashion students to study the weather


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Unpredictable weather patterns - frosty springs, mild winters and wet summers - are posing a new challenge for fashion designers.


As our climate becomes more changeable, the fashion industry is struggling to create clothes we’ll want to wear in a year’s time, with no idea what the weather will be like when their collections hit the shelves.


And when they get it wrong, the clothes simply stay in the shops until they end up being heavily discounted, which hurts sales. Thus, Some designers have resorted to creating largely seasonless clothing.


Some of the biggest retailers have started hiring climatologists to help them predict what the seasons might have in store. The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York has even launched a new course.


The new course is designed to appeal to students with an interest in retail and merchandising, and it’s hoped will help the fashion industry deal with the impact of climate change.


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