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Clinton’s presidential debate outfit made by Taiwanese American dressmaker

希拉蕊辯論會戰袍 出自台裔製衣師巧手

On Oct. 19, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton wore a white Ralph Lauren pantsuit at the third US presidential debate. The outfit that made Clinton look so glamorous and confident was actually made by Taiwanese American dressmaker Chang Lien- hai.

“Passport to Taiwan,” a Taiwanese community in New York, released a post on its Facebook page during the debate. It said, “Are you watching the debate now? We are very proud that Taiwanese American dressmaker Chang Lien-hai is behind what Hillary is wearing tonight. Mr. Chang is also an active member of the New York Taiwanese community.”

Vogue magazine, a leading publication in the global fashion world, has broken with tradition and taken sides in an election for the first time, publicly endorsing Clinton for president. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has also repeatedly shown support for her. The US presidential election will take place on Tuesday.

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