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Delta and Tesla may collaborate on charging stations


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Having devoted itself to developing technologies related to electric vehicles for some time now, Delta Electronics Inc is now the world’s biggest provider of charging and power management solutions. Its AC chargers, which allow cars to run for 180 km after charging for 15 minutes, have attracted the attention of Tesla, which is said to be interested in working with Delta.


According to Delta, since one third of the greenhouse gas emissions in the US come from vehicles, in order to reach the 2050 goal for carbon emissions reduction, 70 percent of all new cars must be electric. Delta’s charging and power management systems can meet the needs of a wide range of cars of different models and makers across the world.


Delta and the US Department of Energy have jointly developed a smart charging station for electric vehicles that features communication facilities. The station, built at MGM Grand Detroit, includes 24 chargers and a management system that can optimize power supply during peak hours.


In its early days, Tesla built all of its chargers. In the future, it may collaborate with Delta to build AC chargers.


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