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Doggy ice cream has tails wagging in Mexico City


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Dogs with a sweet tooth can finally satisfy their ice cream cravings - at the Don Paletto parlor in Mexico City.


Owners can satisfy their pets’ sweet cravings at the shop in the Mexican capital, which offers a variety of frozen cone and lollipop treats especially made for the animals.


Made of natural yogurt and lactobacilli bacteria, it can help digestion while normal ice cream can cause pain and diarrhea in dogs, according to shop owner Mauricio Montoya, who said the food is also safe for humans.


Flavors such as "Gentleman" and "Lucky Lucky" are advertised on the shop’s board, where the pets lick the treats off a stick, a cone or out of a bowl.


"To eat the same food every day must be pretty boring for them," customer Liliana said, holding an ice cream lollipop for her dog. "I come (here) to pamper him a bit."


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