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Edible water container aims to replace plastic bottles

環保水球能整顆吃下肚 有望取代寶特瓶

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Ooho, an environmental-friendly and entirely edible water container, is expected to hit the market in one year’s time. It is hoped that the product will be able to reduce the environmental impact of PET bottles by replacing them.


The water container was invented in 2014 by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche when they were still university students. The material, made from seaweed extract, is edible and can be used to carry all types of beverage including water, juice and soft drinks.


The entire container is biodegradable. For those who do not want to eat the container, they can tear a hole in the container and drink from it, and it only takes the discarded container from four-to-six weeks to biodegrade.


In order to promote the product, the research team has set up a lab in London called Skipping Rocks, where they are now working on improving the material and technology and are applying for patents.

為了推動產品上市,研發團隊在倫敦成立Skipping Rocks實驗室,近一步研究改進水球材質及製作技術,並申請專利。

The lab recently began an online investment round and attracted nearly 450 investors in just a few days, successfully reaching its initial goal of raising 400,000 pounds (NT$ 15,600,000).


Although the price of Ooho is yet to be announced, it is expected to be relatively low, since the production cost is very cheap and even lower than plastic.


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