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每日英語跟讀 Ep.827: About gender issues - 1 in 4 men think it’s OK to make sexual jokes at work, study finds 研究發現 4分之1男性認為在職場開性別玩笑是OK的與香港的廁所平等

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.827: About gender issues - 1 in 4 men think it’s OK to make sexual jokes at work, study finds

More than one in four men (28%) around the world think it’s acceptable to crack sexual jokes at work, a global survey, released ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, has found.


In a survey of over 20,000 people in 27 countries, researchers from King’s College London said they found "significant differences" in what men and women perceived to be acceptable workplace behavior.


A key finding was that more than one in eight men (13%) think it is acceptable to display material of a sexual nature at work, compared with just 7% of women, the poll, carried out by Ipsos MORI and The Global institute for Women’s Leadership found.


Some 16% of women thought it was acceptable to tell jokes or stories of a sexual nature at work, the study said.


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Stand in line, women: no ’potty parity’ in Hong Kong 女人,排隊吧!香港沒有「廁所平等」

Hong Kong said it had failed to meet its own pledge of "potty parity", a policy aimed at ending an imbalance witnessed the world over: the long queue for the women’s loo.


Long lines routinely form outside female bathrooms while men nip in and out, igniting debates over gender equality, inclusive urban planning and the impact on work and health.


An official audit released on Wednesday found that Hong Kong authorities had failed to meet their own guidelines, in place since 2004, to provide two female toilets for every one for men.


More than half the city’s public toilet sites failed to meet the ratio, the Audit Commission said in its latest report. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, which oversees the facilities, said it would build more toilets.


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