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每日英語跟讀 Ep.845: About odd news - Novelty toilet roll cakes keep Finnish baker in business 新奇的衛生紙捲蛋糕 讓芬蘭烘焙坊訂單接不完與冰島人抱樹

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.845: About odd news - Novelty toilet roll cakes keep Finnish baker in business

A quick-thinking Helsinki bakery has saved itself from financial ruin during the new coronavirus pandemic by creating a cake that looks like a toilet roll.


The dismayed staff at the Ronttosrouva bakery found all their orders cancelled last month, at the same time as panicked consumers began to hoard toilet roll. This sparked the idea of a toilet roll cake made of oat batter, passion fruit mousse and covered with white fondant.


The first five cakes sold within an hour, baker Uliana Timofeeva told Reuters, and the cake became a social media hit.


The bakery now has hundreds of orders and its owner Saana Lampinen has even been able to hire two extra people. "For us it’s a game changer and I am relieved because I know all my employees are safe for months," she said.


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Iceland recommends hugging trees instead of people 冰島建議人們用抱樹取代抱人

With countries imposing lockdown to block the spread of the virus, the Icelandic Forestry Service has taken a weird approach to the situation.


The Icelandic Forestry Service has asked citizens to hug trees and plants while maintaining social distancing. Forest rangers at Hallormsstaður National Forest in East Iceland are cleaning up the snow from roads so locals can go and hug trees.


"When you hug [a tree], you feel it first in your toes and then up your legs and into your chest and then up into your head," forest ranger Þór Þorfinnsson tells the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. "It’s such a wonderful feeling of relaxation and then you’re ready for a new day and new challenges."


Þorfinnsson recommends that not everyone should embrace the first tree they see; potential huggers should venture deeper into the forest.


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