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每日英語跟讀 Ep.932: About Germany - Big cats’ droppings help German circus weather coronavirus crisis 大貓糞便幫助馬戲團度過危機與柏林妓院恢復營業

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.932: About Germany - Big cats’ droppings help German circus weather coronavirus crisis

One creature’s droppings can be another’s treasure, as Germany’s Krone Circus is finding out during the new coronavirus pandemic.


Home to 26 lions and tigers, the circus has found an unusual side income and raised money despite coronavirus-related restrictions:selling jars of big cats’ droppings.


Customers have told lion tamer Martin Lacey they swear by the stuff.


"I am told it keeps cats away from the garden, and since then we have learned that also it keeps the animals away from the car, where they eat all the electric cables," Lacey said.


The jars sell for 5 euros each, with some of the money going towards a charity to improve the living conditions of captive animals.


And if you don’t have a garden pest problem but find your neighbours pesky? – "Put some in the garden, and the neighbours will go away," Lacey chuckles.


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