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每日英語跟讀 Ep.949: Angry UK students force government U-turn over virus-hit exams 英國指考成績單之亂

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.949: Angry UK students force government U-turn over virus-hit exams

Like in many countries hit by COVID-19, A-level exams in Britain in April, May and June had to be abandoned because of the pandemic. A-levels (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) are key school-leaving exams for 18-year-olds.


So where do the grades come from? Teachers were asked instead to make an assessment of their students’ grades, which were then modified based on a school’s past performance. According to England’s exam regulator, the moderation is a process intended to avoid widespread grade inflation.


The publication of A-level results two weeks ago sparked outrage when it emerged that 39 percent of teachers’ assessments had been downgraded under an algorithm based on a school’s past performance.


Students took to the streets and threatened legal action, complaining that the system made it harder for bright children in disadvantaged areas to do well, while rewarding mediocre students in private schools.


More than 250,000 people had also signed a petition demanding a change, and two legal groups representing students threatened to take the government to court.


The director of one of them, Good Law Project’s Jolyon Maugham, said students had missed out on places at university, medical school and employer training, which all rely on final A-level grades. “It’s also affecting those students who are leaving school to enter the jobs market, the most difficult jobs market in the UK for many generations.”

其中一個法律團體「Good Law Project」之負責人喬林‧莫恩表示,學生錯過了大學、醫學院及雇主培訓的機會,這些都須仰賴A-level考試總成績。「這也影響到那些要離開學校進入就業市場的學生,英國的就業市場正面臨好幾世代以來最嚴峻之景況」。

After protests by students and warnings that it threatened the career prospects of the most disadvantaged students, the British government was forced last Monday to abandon its policy for grading exams, and said that it would accept at face value assessments made by teachers in lieu of high school exams.


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