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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K099: New Taipei City Environmental Season combines tourism with environmental protection 新北「環境季」活動 旅遊還能做環保

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K099: New Taipei City Environmental Season combines tourism with environmental protection

The New Taipei City Environmental Protection Bureau is launching its “2021 New Taipei City Environmental Season” series of activities, scheduled to take place from April 1 to June 30, centered on the three main aspects of “good living, good fun and good sense” and linking up over 20 environmental education activities that are being promoted by various bureaus and offices. Details can be found on the New Taipei City Environmental Season section of the bureau’s official Web site ( and on the bureau’s Facebook page (


The bureau held a news conference on Monday last week, at which it announced various tour itineraries that include promoting advocacy of a “good living” environment and harbor and sea cleanups, such as recruiting New Taipei City Water Scout Volunteers, a project that calls for removing small roadside advertisements and a series of activities for Ocean Month (June). These activities combine the strengths of the government and the public to make New Taipei City a good place for people, animals and plants to live.


As to the “good fun” aspect, the organizers invite the public to visit nine environmental education facilities in New Taipei City and take part in tours exclusive to the Environmental Season that include rich and varied ecological, cultural and DIY handicraft experiences, while participants can also reduce their carbon footprints by enjoying food made from fresh local ingredients.


The bureau said that the “good sense” aspect involves collaboration with various organizations and departments to organize a variety of environmental education activities, including environmental education promotions co-organized with civic organizations, a special exhibition at the Wetland Story House and low-carbon awareness courses, with the aim of enhancing the public’s environmental literacy and implementing the spirit of environmental protection in daily life.


The bureau said that this Environmental Season activity series not only coordinates promotion of the New Taipei City Government’s vision and policies, but also responds to the sustainable development goals set by the international community and connects Earth Day in April with the International Day for Biological Diversity in May and World Environment Day and World Oceans Day in June.


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