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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K131: About Japan - 日本新養樂多甜品與魔術方塊麵 Yakult to launch pop-up ice cream store with 7 limited-edition flavors in Japan

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K131: About Japan - 

Yakult to launch pop-up ice cream store with 7 limited-edition flavors in Japan


Yakult, a classic drink originated from Japan that is not only tasty but also helps one’s digestive system, has won over the hearts of people of all ages with its refreshing taste.

The drink is often combined with other beverages to create new flavors, such as Yakult soju and Yakult Bubble Tea.


Starting next month, a Japanese dessert store will take the popular drink to another level by launching a series of Yakult-flavored desserts, making fans quite excited.

這間位於日本澀谷區(Shibuya)的甜點店「Imada Kitchen」與養樂多合作,將推出一間快閃冰淇淋店,提供7種融合養樂多口味的限量的冰品。

Located in Shibuya, Japan, the dessert store Imada Kitchen has announced plans to collaborate with Yakult and launch a pop-up store offering 7 limited-edition Yakult-inspired desserts.


The desserts offer a variety of textures, including ice cream, sherbet, soft serve, and parfait. For those who would rather have a drink instead of a dessert, Yakult shake will be the best option.


To the delight of the fans, each dessert comes with a cute Yakult bottle-inspired cookie on top.


The pop-up store will open from June 1 to August 1.


日本推魔術方塊麵訓練腦力 網友直呼:越玩越餓! | Japanese company launches ‘tasty’ Rubrik’s cube modeled after instant noodles


Stuck inside your house with nothing to do? A Japanese company understands just how bored one can get under quarantine and recently launched a Rubik’s cube modeled after instant noodles. 

根據外國媒體報導,Maruchan泡麵公司與日本玩具公司Mega House和魔術方塊一同打造出這有趣的玩具造型。 

According to foreign media, famed noodle-making company Maruchan, teamed up with Japanese toy company Mega House, and Rubik’s Cube to release the interestingly designed toy. 


Boxed in a bowl just like an ordinary Maruchan’s Akai Kitsune Udon instant noodle, recipients will open up to find the puzzle and a “soup packet” instruction book. 


Foreign media reports that the instant noodle Rubik’s cube, sitting atop the block in its finished form is a “topping“ design, while the other sides are left completely bare, making it entirely noodles


This essentially makes it harder to solve as there’s only a single way for all the blocks to be arranged so that the “toppings” will face the top. 


Those who have given it a try claim there’s no way to tell if you’re getting closer to solving a “noodle” side until a tempura-topping piece is locked into the perfect position on top. Source article:;



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