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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K174: About Nature - 南大洋正式承認與澳洲新品種恐龍 Southern Ocean officially recognized by National Geographic

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K174: About Nature - Southern Ocean officially recognized by National Geographic

Anyone who thought the world had four oceans will now have to think again, after the National Geographic Society announced it would recognize a new Southern Ocean in Antarctica, bringing the global total to five.


The National Geographic, a non-profit scientific and educational organization whose mapping standards are referenced by many atlases and cartographers, said the Southern Ocean consists of the waters surrounding Antarctica, out to 60-degrees south latitude.


National Geographic Society geographer Alex Tait said scientists have long known that the waters surrounding Antarctica form a"distinct ecological region defined, by ocean currents and temperatures".


Tait told the Washington Post that the span of water is yet to be officially recognized as an ocean by the relevant international body: "But we thought it was important at this point to officially recognize it."


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Australia’s largest dinosaur identified as new species 澳洲最大的恐龍被認定為新品種

A gigantic dinosaur discovered in Australia’s outback has been identified as a new species and recognised as one of the largest to ever roam the Earth, according to palaeontologists.


The Australotitan cooperensis, part of the titanosaur family that lived about 100 million years ago, has finally been named and described 15 years after its bones were first uncovered.

「Australotitan Cooperensis」屬於泰坦巨龍家族,生活在距今約1億年前,距其骨骼首度被發現15年之後,終於得到正名及描述。

It is estimated to have stood at 5-6.5 metres high and measured 25-30 metres in length - which would make it Australia’s biggest dinosaur.


"Based on the preserved limb size comparisons, this new titanosaur is estimated to be in the top five largest in the world," said Robyn Mackenzie, a director of the Eromanga Natural History Museum.


The fossilised bones were found on Mackenzie’s family farm in 2006 about 1,000 kilometres west of Brisbane in the Eromanga Basin.


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