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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K191: 英國學測成績創新高 擠破大學窄門 Record number of school leavers in UK snap up university places

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K191: Record number of school leavers in UK snap up university places

Students in the UK found out their advanced level (A-level) exam results on Aug. 10. Nearly 45 percent of A-level entries across the UK have been awarded top grades in their exam results, a record-breaking return for students after more than a year of disruption and school closures during the pandemic.


Education Secretary Gavin Williamson canceled national exams in England in January as a further lockdown closed schools to most students. Instead, grades are being awarded by teacher assessment, overseen by examination boards, and are expected to show a further acceleration in the proportion of higher grades being awarded.


Last year, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) attempted to award qualifications in England using an algorithm that allocated grades to each school based on past results, but that was abandoned shortly after A-levels were published, following an uproar.


This year, grading has been left in the hands of schools without restrictions, but Ofqual and Williamson have defended teachers from accusations of causing grade inflation.


“Teachers know what their students can do and, in the absence of formal exams, there is no person or system better placed to fairly judge young people’s abilities,” Williamson said.


According to admissions experts, record numbers of A-level students achieved the grades required to take up the offer from their top-choice university, leaving few spaces available in clearing for the most popular courses, so competition for places is expected to be fierce.

根據招生專家之說法,有史上最多的學生人數,其A-level成績達到大學入學要求,並被其第一志願大學錄取,使得一些最受歡迎課程的補錄取名額所剩無幾。對這些名額的競爭將非常激烈。 Source article:

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