每日英語跟讀 Ep.K223: About Japan - 日本鮭魚膠帶與企鵝玩具 Japanese salmon-lover creates realistic fish-inspired tape

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K223: About Japan - Japanese salmon-lover creates realistic fish-inspired tape


A Japanese social media user whose love for salmon just couldn’t be contained recently launched his own brand of “salmon-colored” tape to the delight of many.


The tape, which managed to mimic the patterns and white lines in salmon meat to perfection, also came with a warning note that it’s not edible, as the realistic tape could easily be mistaken for mouth-watering fish.


The Twitter user, MoetMatsuzake, explained that he has always loved eating salmon, and had always wanted to create something based on his favorite food.


One day, the idea to make salmon into a tape came to his mind, and after the laborious process of adjusting the patterns so they look as realistic as possible, they finally finished the product.


The inventor even reached out to mariculturists who confirmed that the creation is as close to the real thing as it gets.


According to his website, one roll of tape is priced at 390 yens (around NT$98) while two are sold at a discounted price of 770 yen (NT$193).

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最畸形的企鵝「寵物」誕生 日本網友見玩具蛋成果嚇哭 Japanese left terrified after children’s toy hatches into weirdly-shaped penguin


Most people are familiar with dinosaur eggs that “hatch” when soaked in water.

A Japanese Twitter user, however, found himself faced with a distorted version of what was promised of the toy egg.


According to a tweet shared by Japanese social media user Tamasamburo (@kshioriri), he purchased a penguin egg toy from a shop and was excited to be the proud owner of an adorable penguin.


However, the result was less than satisfactory as he attached an “after” picture of the toy, showing a cracked and dry face along with a distorted body that looked as if it were melting.

Tamasamburo 也在貼文中寫道看到企鵝後他真的直接嚇哭,因為「實在太驚悚了」。

In the caption, Tamasamburo exclaimed that he “cried” upon seeing the penguin because “it was so creepy.”

根據日本媒體Grape報導,Tamasamburo 坦言或許是因為他沒有將玩具放在水中夠久,導致其外型扭曲。

According to Japanese media Grape, Tamasamburo admitted that it may have become “deformed” because he hadn’t left it in the water for the recommended amount of time.


In addition, the small glass that was tasked with hatching the penguin may have also inadvertently squished it so that it could not “grow” probably.


The terrifying photo amused many social media users, with one sharing a link to a YouTube video that allegedly showed a child crying after seeing the scary penguin.


Another suggested soaking it more as they claimed the penguin would then “swell” more, enabling it to have a fuller appearance.


No matter what the social media user decides to do, it may be safe to assume that the slightly traumatic experience may deter him from purchasing another “egg” anytime soon. Source article: https://chinapost.nownews.com/20210908-2757967; https://chinapost.nownews.com/20210909-2759914



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