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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K238: 工作「有趣」與睡眠充足能降低失智症風險 About Dementia - Having an ’interesting’ job cuts your risk of dementia, study claims

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K238: About Dementia - Having an ’interesting’ job cuts your risk of dementia, study claims

Having an interesting job in your forties may slash your risk of getting dementia in old age, a study has suggested.


Researchers claim mental stimulation may stave off the onslaught of the memory-robbing condition by around 18 months.


Academics examined more than 100,000 participants and tracked them for nearly two decades.


They spotted a third fewer cases of dementia among people who had engaging jobs which involved demanding tasks and more control — such as solicitors, doctors and chief executives, compared to adults in ’passive’ roles — such as cashiers.


And those who found their own work interesting also had lower levels of proteins in their blood that have been linked with dementia.


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Sleeping too little or too much can increase risk of getting dementia, study finds 研究:睡太少或太多都會升高失智症風險

Older adults who sleep six hours or fewer a night may have elevated risk for dementia and other cognitive issues, a new study finds.


Researchers at Stanford University measured seniors’ (ages 65 to 85) dementia risk and cognitive abilities, finding higher risk in those patients who regularly slept six or fewer hours compared to those who slept seven or eight hours.


Those seniors who slept nine or more hours also had lower cognitive functions and other health issues, but the researchers didn’t find the same high dementia risk in this group.


The findings demonstrate how important it is for adults to maintain a healthy sleep cycle, especially as they get older.

研究結果表明,成年人保持健康的睡眠週期是多麼重要,尤其在步入老年之後。 Source article:;

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