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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K272: About old age - 做家事與運動有助促進老年人健康 Housework may promote health in old age, study suggests

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K272: About old age - Housework may promote health in old age, study suggests

Household chores might seem a drag, but researchers have suggested tasks like dusting, scrubbing floors and washing the windows might help adults to stay healthy into old age.


Writing in the journal BMJ Open, a Singapore-based team of researchers said regular physical activity “improves physical and mental health, mitigates the risks and effects of chronic diseases, and reduces falls, immobility, dependency and mortality among older adults”.

該研究結果由一個新加坡研究團隊發表在《英國醫學期刊》(BMJ Open)上。研究報告指出,常做體力活動可以「改善身心健康,減輕慢性病的風險和影響,降低老年人跌倒、臥床不起、失去獨立生活能力和死亡的機率。」

After taking into account factors including age and sex, the team found cognitive scores and attention scores were 8% and 14% higher respectively for older adults doing high amounts of heavy housework – on average 131 minutes a week – compared with low levels, which appeared to amount to none at all.


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Elderly people who exercise live five years longer 運動的老人多活5

Regular exercise in old age has as powerful an effect on life expectancy as giving up smoking, researchers say. The analysis of 5,700 elderly men in Norway showed those doing three hours of exercise a week lived around five years longer than the sedentary.


In the study - conducted by Oslo University Hospital - found both light and vigorous exercise extended life expectancy.


The trial tracking 68 to 77 year olds found that doing less than an hour a week of light exercise had no impact. But overall those putting in the equivalent of six, 30-minute sessions of any intensity, were 40% less likely to have died during the 11-year study.


The report said: "Even when men were 73 years of age on average at start of follow-up, active persons had five years longer expected lifetime than the sedentary." It added that physical activity was as "beneficial as smoking cessation" at reducing deaths.

這份報告說:「即便是追蹤開始時男性平均73歲,活躍的人還是比久坐者多活5年。」報告還說,身體活動對減少死亡而言,「和戒菸一樣好」。Source article: ;