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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K408: About aviation - 最快噴射超音速客機與少年跳機大難不死 World’s fastest passenger jet goes supersonic in tests

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K408: About aviation - World’s fastest passenger jet goes supersonic in tests

The race to resume supersonic passenger flights nearly two decades after the retirement of Concorde was offered a glimmer of excitement on Monday when plane manufacturer Bombardier revealed high speed achievements while confirming the launch of its new business jet.


The Canadian company said the in-development Global 8000 will be "the world’s fastest and longest-range purpose-built business jet."


The news comes after a Global 7500 test vehicle broke the sound barrier during a demonstration flight last May, achieving speeds of more than Mach 1.015.


"The Global 8000 aircraft leverages the outstanding attributes of the Global 7500 aircraft, providing our customers with a flagship aircraft of a new era," Éric Martel, president and CEO for Bombardier, said.


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Teen survives flight in aircraft wheel in Nigeria 奈及利亞青少年躲起落架搭機 大難不死

A young teenager dashed across a runway at a Nigerian airport, hid in the wheel well of a jet and survived a 35-minute domestic flight, the airline and aviation authorities said Sunday.


Passengers and crew had alerted the pilots that a boy was seen running to the plane as it was taxiing to take off Saturday from southern Benin City, Arik Airline spokesman Ola Adebanji said.


Despite the possible presence of the boy, the pilots opted to continue with their takeoff, Federal Aviation Agency of Nigeria spokesman Yakubu Dati said.


When the plane arrived in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, a boy aged 13 or 14 jumped to the ground from the wheel and was detained by Arik personnel, Adebanji said. He said the teenager probably survived because the flight was short and the plane probably didn’t rise above 7,620 meters.


Most stowaways don’t survive. The body of a suspected stowaway fell from an Air France plane over Niger, also in West Africa, in July and was discovered lifeless in a western suburb of the capital, Niamey, officials said.

這類偷渡客大都不會生還。官員表示,7月間,法國航空公司1架班機飛經同樣也在西非的尼日時,1具疑似偷渡客的屍體從上空墜地,陳屍在首都尼阿美西部郊區。Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1526935 ; https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/world/paper/710523