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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K450: About Mexico - 墨西哥市長和鱷魚結婚與找人也消失 In age-old ritual, Mexican mayor weds alligator to secure abundance

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English,國際時事跟讀Daily Shadowing

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K450: About Mexico - In age-old ritual, Mexican mayor weds alligator to secure abundance

A small town Mexican mayor married his alligator bride in a colorful ceremony as traditional music rang out and revelers danced while imploring the indigenous leader to seal the nuptials with a kiss.


San Pedro Huamelula Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa obliged more than once during Thursday’s wedding, bending down to plant his lips on the small alligator’s snout, which had been tied shut presumably to avoid unwanted biting.


The ritual marriage likely dates back centuries to pre-Hispanic times among Oaxaca state’s Chontal and Huave indigenous communities, like a prayer pleading for nature’s bounty.


Oaxaca, located in Mexico’s poor south, is arguably the country’s richest in indigenous culture and home to many groups that have stubbornly maintained their languages and traditions.


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In Mexico, those searching for missing relatives can vanish too 在墨西哥,尋找失蹤親友的人也會跟著消失

70-years-old Maria Herrera is scraping at the earth on a hill in the town of Huitzuco, in southern Mexico, looking for the mounds that indicate a decaying corpse.


Digging in the dirt with a group of 100 other activists in the violent state of Guerrero, she wants to find her four missing son.


More than 40,000 people are missing in Mexico, which has been swept by a wave of violence since the government declared war on the country’s powerful drug cartels in 2006.


At first, Herrera and her husband used the profits gained by selling household goods door to door to launch gold exchange business, which involved traveling the country to buy and sell gold.


They did not realize a bloody cartel turf war was just breaking out in the state. They believe a local cartel mistook the brothers, Jesus and Raul, for members of a rival group and were captured. Two more brothers started looking for them but disappeared too.

但他們沒料到,一場腥風血雨的毒梟地盤之爭已在國內爆發。他們相信,自家兒子赫塞斯和羅爾,是被一個地方販毒集團誤認為敵營的人,才被俘虜。另外2名兒子開始尋找兩人後,也下落不明。Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1539233 ; https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/world/paper/1292410