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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K532: About Animals - 狗佔領里約狂歡節與小野豬被牛群收養 Dogs in costumes take over at Rio Carnival street party

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English,國際時事跟讀Daily Shadowing

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K532: About Animals - Dogs in costumes take over at Rio Carnival street party

As Rio de Janeiro kicked off its Carnival on Saturday, about 100 dogs barked and wagged their tails to the tune of samba music as they paraded in front of pet lovers in a canine costume competition.


The “Blocao” — a mixture of “bloco” which refers to Carnival street parties and “cao,” or dog in Portuguese — brought about 300 people to Rio’s Barra da Tijuca. Dog costumes ranged from fairies, and superheroes to clowns and cartoon characters.


Edson Chianca, 36, brought his 12-year-old Saori to the parade in a Minnie Mouse costume. He dressed the same way so the pair matched.


Marco Antonio Vieira, the organizer of Blocao, said he has no intention of humanizing pets with the pet parade and the contest that picks the top five best dressed dogs.


“Thirty years ago they lived in our backyard, now they live on our beds. It is good for them to be with the owner. When the dog sees the owner happy, he is happy too,” Vieira said.


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Herd the news? Wild boar piglet adopted by cows 你「豬」道嗎?小野豬被牛群收養

A cow herd in the central German community of Brevoerde has adopted a lone wild boar piglet.


Farmer Friedrich Stapel told the dpa news agency that it had likely lost its group when they crossed a nearby river.


Stapel said while he knows what extensive damage wild boars can cause, he can’t bring himself to chase the animal away.


The local hunter has been told not to shoot the piglet — nicknamed Frieda — and in winter Stapel plans to put it in the shed with the mother cows.

當地獵人已被告知不要射殺這隻暱稱弗里達的小豬,斯塔佩爾還準備在冬天來的時候,讓小豬和牛媽媽們一起待在牛棚。Source article: ;