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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K536: About Germany - 德國數據中心用熱能與芭蕾舞導演停職 Germany wants to reuse data centers’heat. No one is buying it

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K536: About Germany - Germany wants to reuse data centers’heat. No one is buying it

Germany wants to force its power-hungry data centers to harness excess heat for warming residential homes — an effort which the industry warns is likely to fall flat.


While in theory an innovative way to reduce the industry’s immense carbon footprint, experts have pointed to a flaw in the government’s proposal: potential recipients of waste heat are not being compelled to take it.


“The challenge here is finding someone who can use that heat economically, ”according to Ralph Hintemann, senior researcher at the data center lobby group Borderstep.


The energy efficiency law being prepared by the government aims to save some 500 terawatt-hours of energy by 2030.


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German ballet director suspended over feces attack on critic 德國芭蕾舞導演因糞便攻擊評論家而被停職

A German newspaper critic had animal feces smeared on her face in the city of Hannover by a ballet director who apparently took offense at a review she wrote.


The Hannover state opera house apologized for the incident and said Monday that it was suspending ballet director Marco Goecke with immediate effect.


The daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that a furious Goecke approached its dance critic, Wiebke Huester, during the interval of a premiere at Hannover’s opera house on Saturday and asked what she was doing there. It said that the two didn’t know each other personally.


He then pulled out a paper bag with animal feces and smeared her face with the contents before making off through a packed theater foyer, the newspaper said. Huester identified the substance as dog feces and said she had filed a criminal complaint, German news agency dpa reported.

該報稱,他隨後拿出一個裝有動物糞便的紙袋,將裡面的東西塗在她臉上,然後穿過擁擠的劇院門廳離開。據《德新社》 報導,休斯特鑑定該物質為狗糞,並表示她已提起刑事訴訟。Source article: ;

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