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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K547: 德國冰淇淋店推出蟋蟀口味冰淇淋 German ice cream parlor offers cricket-flavored scoops

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K547: German ice cream parlor offers cricket-flavored scoops

A German ice cream store is selling an unusual flavor of ice cream that has crickets in it. The store is located in Rottenburg am Neckar, in southern Germany. The owner of the store, Thomas Micolino, likes to create different flavors of ice cream that are not the typical ones like chocolate or strawberry. In the past, he has made ice cream with liver sausage and Gorgonzola cheese, and even gold-plated ice cream that costs €4 ($4.25) per scoop.

德國一家冰淇淋店正在出售一種不尋常的口味,其中包含了蟋蟀。這家店位於德國南部的Rottenburg am Neckar。店主Thomas Micolino喜歡創造不同於典型口味如巧克力或草莓的冰淇淋。過去,他曾製作過肝腸膶味和戈爾貢佐拉奶酪味的冰淇淋,甚至還有每球售價4歐元(4.25美元)的鍍金冰淇淋。

Micolino wanted to try something new and different, so he decided to make ice cream with crickets. He used cricket flour, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and honey to make the ice cream, and put dried whole crickets on top. He said that the ice cream has a yummy taste, but some people are disgusted by the idea of eating insects.


The reason that Micolino can make ice cream with crickets is because of a law in the European Union that allows people to use insects in food. The law says that crickets can be frozen, dried, or used as a powder. The European Union has already approved using migratory locusts and flour beetle larvae in food.


Some customers like the new flavor of ice cream and say that it is delicious. Konstantin Dick, one of Micolino's customers, said that the ice cream is very tasty and edible. Another customer, Johann Peter Schwarze, liked the creamy consistency of the ice cream but said that he could still taste the cricket in it.

一些顧客喜歡這種新口味的冰淇淋,並表示它很美味。其中一位Micolino的客戶Konstantin Dick表示,這種冰淇淋非常美味可口。另一位客戶Johann Peter Schwarze則喜歡冰淇淋的奶油質地,但說他仍能品嘗到蟋蟀的味道。

Micolino's cricket-flavored ice cream is a unique and adventurous flavor that not everyone will like, but some customers are enjoying it. Micolino likes to try new things and make different kinds of ice cream, so it's possible that he will create more interesting flavors in the future.

Micolino的蟋蟀口味冰淇淋是一種獨特和具冒險精神的口味,並不是每個人都會喜歡,但一些顧客正在享受它。Micolino喜歡嘗試新事物,製作不同種類的冰淇淋,因此未來他可能會創造更有趣的口味。Reference article:

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