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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K555: 日本農村的自動販賣機出售陷阱捕獲熊肉 Vending Machine in Rural Japan Sells Meat from Trapped Bears

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K555: Vending Machine in Rural Japan Sells Meat from Trapped Bears

A remote town in Japan is now selling bear meat from a vending machine. The town of Semboku, located 400 km north of Tokyo in Akita prefecture, sources its supply of meat from Asian black bears, a species listed as vulnerable. The bears are caught in traps or in the mountains by hunters, as they come into town to forage for food. The vending machine was set up by Daishi Sato, who owns a soba noodle shop in the town.

日本的一個偏遠小鎮現在可以從自動販賣機購買熊肉。這個名為仙北市的小鎮位於秋田縣,距離東京北部約400公里,該地的熊肉來源於被獵人用陷阱或在山上捕獲,來到鎮上覓食的亞洲黑熊,此物種被列為易危物種。這台自動販賣機是由鎮上一家蕎麥麵店的店主Daishi Sato設立的。

According to Sato, the hunters set up traps or shoot the bears as they pose a danger to the residents of the town. He claims that the meat from trapped bears is tastier since the blood is drained immediately. While Asian black bears are listed as vulnerable, it is legal to eat them in Japan. Sato hopes that tourists who visit the town will buy the bear meat, as it is not a common delicacy.


The vending machines in Japan offer a wide variety of products, ranging from snacks, drinks, and surgical masks to exotic items such as edible insects and whale meat. Sato sells seven to ten packs of 250 grams, which cost 2,200 yen ($16.75) each on average per week. Last year, the Japanese government reported 75 injuries and two deaths caused by bear attacks. One of the deaths was reported in Akita.


The vending machine selling bear meat has generated mixed reactions from the public. While some people have expressed their concern over the selling of meat from a vulnerable species, others have welcomed the initiative. Some have also pointed out that the vending machine may help to address the issue of food shortage in the forests, which has led to bears coming into inhabited areas.


In conclusion, the vending machine selling bear meat in the remote town of Semboku, Japan, has attracted the attention of locals and tourists alike. While the initiative may be controversial, it offers a unique culinary experience for those who are adventurous enough to try it. The vending machine is also a reminder of the delicate balance between humans and wildlife in rural Japan, where bear attacks have become a growing concern.

總之,偏遠日本小鎮仙北市的熊肉自動販賣機引起了當地居民和遊客的注意。儘管這可能引起爭議,但對於那些富有冒險精神嘗試的人而言,它提供了獨特的美食體驗。此外,這台自動販賣機也提醒人們,在日本農村地區,人類與野生動物之間的平衡處於極其脆弱的情況,熊類的攻擊已然成為日益嚴重的問題。Reference article: