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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K560: 新的烹飪技巧揭示完美酥脆培根的秘密 New Cooking Hack Reveals the Secret to Perfectly Crispy Bacon

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K560: New Cooking Hack Reveals the Secret to Perfectly Crispy Bacon

For crispy bacon lovers who struggle to achieve the ideal level of crispiness, a new cooking hack promises to revolutionize your breakfast game. The trick is a simple one and, best of all, you probably already have the secret ingredient in your kitchen cupboard.


According to the foodies behind @thechoppedcouple, sprinkling a little flour on your bacon before cooking it can create perfectly crispy slices. The flour reduces the curling of the bacon, resulting in deliciously crispy strips that will take your BLT's to the next level.


The Chopped Couple shared a video on social media that demonstrates the flour hack in action. The clip shows a tray of raw bacon with flour sprinkled over the top. After cooking, the bacon looks incredibly crispy and is placed on a piece of kitchen roll.

Chopped Couple在社交媒體上分享了一個演示麵粉技巧的視頻。這個片段展示了一個放滿生培根的盤子,頂部灑上麵粉。經過烹飪後,培根看起來非常酥脆,並放在一塊廚房紙巾上。

Social media users were impressed with the hack and shared their own variations in the comments section. Some suggested adding brown sugar or black pepper to the flour mixture for an even tastier twist. The Chopped Couple responded with amazement, "So many ways to trial and enjoy."

社群媒體用戶對這個技巧印象深刻,並在評論區分享了自己的變化。有些人建議在麵粉混合物中加入紅糖或黑胡椒,以獲得更美味的扭曲。Chopped Couple以驚訝回應,“有這麼多的嘗試和享受的方式。”

Getting bacon to the perfect level of crispiness can be a tricky balancing act. However, with this new cooking hack, you can say goodbye to burnt bacon and hello to perfectly crispy strips every time. Try the flour trick the next time you cook bacon, and you'll be amazed by the results.


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