每日英語跟讀 Ep.K597: 擁抱新工具:音樂家以AI生成的樣本發布專輯

Embracing the New Tools: Musician Releases Album Created with AI-Generated Samples

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K597: Embracing the New Tools: Musician Releases Album Created with AI-Generated Samples

The music industry is currently facing uncertainty as artificial intelligence (AI) gains prominence, but one artist, Damien Roach, known as "patten," is embracing these new tools. In a groundbreaking move, Roach created an entire album, titled "Mirage FM," solely using AI-generated samples. He believes that AI has the potential to expand access to music and empower more individuals to express their creativity. However, experts point out that the commercialization of AI-generated music resides in a legal gray area.

隨著人工智慧(AI)的崛起,音樂行業目前面臨著不確定性,但音樂家Damien Roach,以"patten"的名字為人所知,正在擁抱這些新工具。Roach以開創性的方式創作了一張完全由AI生成的樣本組成的專輯,名為"Mirage FM"。他相信AI有潛力擴大音樂的可及性,讓更多人能夠表達自己的創造力。然而,專家指出AI生成音樂的商業化在法律上存在灰色地帶。


Initially, Roach did not plan to release an album when he discovered the AI-music tool Riffusion in December. However, after spending 48 intensive hours exploring the tool and recording numerous materials, he changed his mind. Roach, based in London, compiled a collection of AI-generated music samples, meticulously selecting interesting fragments and skillfully editing and cutting samples. Eventually, in April, he released the 21-track album through his creative agency and label, 555-5555.



"Mirage FM" encompasses a range of genres, including house, garage, pop, and grime, and can be streamed for free on various platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube. Moreover, the album is available for purchase on Bandcamp, priced at £7 ($8.64). Roach envisions a future where AI-assisted music production can be commercialized, and he encourages others to embrace these technological advancements rather than resist them.

"Mirage FM"涵蓋了多種流派,包括house、garage、pop和grime,可以在SoundCloud和YouTube等各種平台上免費收聽。此外,該專輯在Bandcamp上售價為£7(8.64美元)。Roach展望著未來AI輔助音樂製作能夠商業化,並鼓勵其他人接受這些技術進步,而不是抵制它們。


The emergence of AI-generated music has stirred a divisive response within the industry. While the music continues to grow in sophistication, many creators express concerns about the potential financial impact and the eerie possibilities it presents. In April, a song generated in the style of Drake and The Weeknd went viral, sparking a heated debate and numerous imitations on TikTok. Major record labels and streaming platforms have expressed intentions to eliminate AI-generated content or protect artists from unwanted imitation. Spotify, for instance, removed thousands of songs generated through the AI-startup Boomy, which allows users to generate music and earn royalties from streams.

AI生成的音樂的出現引起了業內的爭議。儘管音樂不斷變得越來越精細,但許多創作者對其潛在的經濟影響和詭異的可能性表示擔憂。今年4月,一首以Drake和The Weeknd風格生成的歌曲在TikTok上瘋傳,引發了激烈的辯論和無數的模仿。主要唱片公司和串流平台表示將努力消除AI生成的內容,或保護藝術家免受不需要的模仿。例如,Spotify已經移除了通過AI新創公司Boomy生成的成千上萬首歌曲,該平台允許用戶生成音樂並從串流平台中獲得版稅。


Roach maintains that the use of AI in music should not be seen as a "black-and-white issue." While he acknowledges the need to address concerns surrounding deep fake songs imitating established artists, he also emphasizes the potential of AI tools to enhance accessibility and broaden the means of musical expression for more people. The legality surrounding the commercialization of AI-generated content remains complex, with ongoing debates about ownership and financial rights. However, experts suggest that if AI-generated music incorporates significant creative input from its creator, it may be eligible for copyright protection. Despite the challenges, music and intellectual property lawyers remain optimistic, believing that AI-powered styles and approaches can be enjoyed ethically and lawfully, contributing to the evolution of music creation.



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