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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K607: 抖音網紅策劃自己的葬禮以測試家人的反應

TikToker Stages Own Funeral to Test Family's Reactions

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K606: TikToker Stages Own Funeral to Test Family's Reactions

A Belgian TikToker, David Baerten, made headlines recently after he faked his own death as part of a social experiment. Seeking to uncover who truly cared about him, Baerten and his family decided to stage a funeral and observe the reactions of their friends and relatives.

比利時的抖音網紅 David Baerten 最近因為假裝自己死亡的社會實驗而登上了新聞頭條。為了找出誰真正在乎他,Baerten 和他的家人決定舉行一個葬禮,觀察他們的朋友和親戚的反應。


In an effort to spread the news of Mr. Baerten's demise, one of his children took to social media and penned a heartfelt tribute to her father. The message conveyed sorrow and love, expressing the family's grief and their enduring memories of him. This post garnered attention, and it led to numerous family members and friends attending the funeral to pay their respects.

為了傳播 Baerten 先生去世的消息,其中一個孩子在社群媒體上撰寫了一篇對父親的深情致辭。這則訊息傳達了悲傷和愛,表達了家人的悲痛和對他的回憶。這篇帖子引起了關注,並且吸引了許多家人和朋友前來參加葬禮以表達哀悼之情。


The staged funeral, held near the city of Liège, drew a considerable crowd of mourners dressed in black. Anticipating a somber ceremony, attendees were taken aback when a helicopter suddenly descended upon the scene. Captured on a TikTok video posted by one of the funeral-goers, the surprising footage shows Mr. Baerten stepping out of the helicopter, accompanied by a camera crew. As he made his appearance, emotions ran high, with some family and friends rushing towards him for tearful reunions, while others remained bewildered and perplexed.

這個在列日市附近舉行的假葬禮吸引了許多身著黑服的哀悼者。與預期的莊重儀式不同處在於,參加者們驚訝地看到一架直升機突然降落在現場。由一名出席者發布在抖音的短片捕捉到了令人驚訝的鏡頭,畫面上 Baerten 先生從直升機上走出來,並有攝影隊伍陪同。隨著他的出現,現場情緒沸騰,有些家人和朋友充滿淚水的衝向他團聚,而其他人則感到困惑和茫然。


Explaining his unconventional prank, Mr. Baerten revealed that he had staged his death to gauge the reactions of his extended family, feeling undervalued and neglected by them. He expressed his disappointment, mentioning that he was rarely included in family gatherings and events. By orchestrating this elaborate scheme, he aimed to impart a life lesson, emphasizing the importance of cherishing loved ones while they are still alive. Surprisingly, Mr. Baerten shared that some family members who hadn't attended the funeral reached out to him afterward, demonstrating their concern and proving who genuinely cared about him. Reflecting on the outcome, he stated, "So in a way, I did win."

解釋這個不尋常的惡作劇時,Baerten 先生透露他假裝死亡是為了衡量他廣大家庭的反應,他感到自己被低估和忽視。他表達自己的失望,提到自己很少被邀請參加家庭聚會和活動。通過這個精心安排的計劃,目標在傳達人生課題,強調在親人還在世時珍惜他們的重要性。令人驚訝的是,Baerten 先生分享了一些未參加葬禮的家人事後與他聯絡,顯示出他們的關心,證明了誰真正在乎他。回顧結果,他說:"所以在某種程度上,我贏了"。


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