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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K610: 警方在國家公園加強巡邏以保護陸蟹

Police Increase Patrols in National Park to Protect Land Crabs

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K610: Police Increase Patrols in National Park to Protect Land Crabs

The National Police Agency (NPA) announced on Friday that police officers are implementing measures to prevent the illegal hunting of land crabs in Tainan's Taijiang National Park, aiming to safeguard the crustaceans' reproduction. According to the NPA's Seventh Special Corps, patrols will be conducted in the park during the breeding season of Cardisoma carnifex, which occurs annually from July to August.

內政部警政署(NPA)於星期五宣布,警察正在實施措施,以防範在台南市台江國家公園對陸蟹的非法捕捉,希望能保護這些甲殼類動物的繁殖。根據警政署保安警察第七總隊的聲明,將在該公園進行巡邏,因為兇狠圓軸蟹(Cardisoma carnifex),台灣最大的陸蟹物種,每年七月到八月之間的繁殖季即將到來


During these two months, female land crabs transport their eggs from the windbreak near Chengxi Menghuan Pond to the beach after sunset, where they are laid in the water. The Seventh Special Corps emphasized that this journey poses potential dangers to the crabs, including being run over by vehicles or caught and consumed by individuals. To mitigate these risks, the Corps will regulate traffic on the road along Cingcaolun Bank, ensuring the safety of the land crabs during the nighttime.



According to the Seventh Special Corps, individuals who capture and hunt land crabs within national parks may face penalties of up to NT$1,000 for violating the National Park Act. If substantial harm is caused, offenders can be detained or sentenced to a maximum of one year in prison. In response to these regulations, two local volunteers dedicated to protecting land crabs expressed their disappointment on social media regarding the lack of ecological conservation awareness among some people.



Sharing his experience on Facebook, Chuang Chih-hsun, along with his brother Chuang Chih-shan, encountered two migrant workers who had captured over 100 land crabs to share with their acquaintances while returning from their duty of monitoring land crabs. The Chuang brothers had been safeguarding land crabs outside the park along the Yanshui River, where the crabs are not legally protected, unlike within the park. Chuang Chih-hsun expressed his distress, as he and his brother have spent more than a decade dedicated to land crab conservation under their parents' guidance. Despite this disheartening encounter, the brothers remain committed to their cause.



The local agriculture bureau acknowledges the limitations of their authority in preventing the catching of land crabs outside national parks, as they are not protected in those areas. However, they aim to persuade individuals through education and ethical appeals to refrain from capturing land crabs. The joint efforts of the police, dedicated volunteers like the Chuang brothers, and public awareness initiatives can contribute to the conservation of land crabs and their habitats, preserving the biodiversity and ecological balance of the national park.



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