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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K634: 深海探索大膽的揭露人類恢復力和青春的秘密

Daring Deep-Sea Quest Unveils Secrets of Human Resilience and Rejuvenation

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

每日英語跟讀 Ep.K634: Daring Deep-Sea Quest Unveils Secrets of Human Resilience and Rejuvenation

In a remarkable confluence of scientific curiosity and human endurance, retired naval officer Joseph Dituri, an associate professor from the University of South Florida, has embarked on a pioneering odyssey, living underwater for an astonishing 100 days. This unparalleled venture seeks to unravel the physiological and psychological effects of prolonged exposure to extreme pressure, pushing the boundaries of human potential while offering insights that could revolutionize our understanding of health and rejuvenation.

來自佛羅里達大學的一位副教授,退役海軍軍官約瑟夫·迪圖里(Joseph Dituri)博士,在科學好奇心和人類耐力的驚人交匯中,踏上了一次漫長而驚險的開創性旅程,在水下潛居驚人的100天。這個前所未有的冒險目標是研究長期暴露於極端壓力下,對人體生理和心理的影響,推動人類潛能的界限,同時提供可能徹底改變我們對健康和恢復活力的理解見解。


Dituri's aquatic haven, a compact 100-square-foot habitat nestled 22 feet beneath the ocean's surface at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, provided the backdrop for this extraordinary experiment. While navigating the depths, he simultaneously conducted online biomedical engineering classes, a testament to human adaptability and determination.

迪圖里的水下住所是一個精巧的100平方英尺棲息地,位於基爾拉戈(Key Largo)的朱爾斯海底旅館(Jules’ Undersea Lodge)22英尺深的海底提供了這個驚人實驗的場景。在這個非凡的實驗中,他在深海中航行的同時,同時進行了線上生物醫學工程課程,這是人類適應能力和毅力的證明。


Amidst this immersive journey, the limits of human physiology were tested and redefined. Rigorously monitored by a medical team conducting an array of tests, Dituri's health was meticulously scrutinized. The comprehensive study encompassed psychosocial, psychological, and medical assessments, including blood panels, ultrasounds, electrocardiograms, and stem cell evaluations. Beyond the physical realm, the study delved into the psychological effects of isolation, akin to space travel, offering unprecedented insights into the intricate interplay between mind and environment.



Dituri's emergence from the depths was marked by astonishing revelations that challenge conventional paradigms. An analysis of his telomeres, the protective caps at the end of chromosomes, revealed a remarkable 20 percent increase, defying the usual age-related decline. Moreover, his stem cell count experienced an astounding tenfold surge, suggesting a potential avenue for cellular rejuvenation. Tangible health benefits accompanied these transformations, including improved sleep patterns, lowered cholesterol levels, and reduced inflammatory markers. These metamorphic changes, attributed to the pressure-rich underwater environment, mirror the effects of hyperbaric chamber treatments, offering tantalizing prospects for human health.



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