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國際時事跟讀 Ep.K646: 精靈寶可夢睡眠與健康之間的平衡

The Balance Between Pokémon Sleep and Well-being

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

國際時事跟讀 Ep.K646: The Balance Between Pokémon Sleep and Well-being

Pokémon enthusiasts around the world are discovering a new way to engage with their favorite franchise through the innovative Pokémon Sleep app. Developed by SELECT BUTTON Inc., this app offers a unique incentive for players to embrace a healthier sleep routine. Much like the cherished Pokémon games and shows, this app has captured the attention of both casual and devoted fans. By monitoring users' sleep patterns through their phones placed on their beds, Pokémon Sleep rewards players with these beloved creatures upon waking up, encouraging not only the thrill of the game but also the importance of quality rest. This novel approach brings a playful twist to the world of sleep apps, merging entertainment with well-being.

全球的寶可夢愛好者們正透過創新的寶可夢睡眠應用程式發現與他們最喜愛的品牌互動的新方式。這款應用程式由SELECT BUTTON Inc.開發,為玩家提供了獨特的誘因,鼓勵他們養成更健康的睡眠習慣。就像深受喜愛的寶可夢遊戲和節目一樣,這款應用程式吸引了休閒玩家和忠實粉絲的關注。藉由監測使用者放在床上的手機來追蹤他們的睡眠模式,寶可夢睡眠在玩家醒來時以這些可愛的生物作為獎勵,不僅鼓勵玩家體驗遊戲的激情,也強調了優質休息的重要性。這種新穎的方法為睡眠應用程式帶來了新樂趣,將娛樂性和健康融為一體。


However, recent suggestions from a Japanese walkthrough website, Game8, sparked controversy by proposing an ill-advised strategy to excel in Pokémon Sleep: the use of sleeping pills. The response was immediate and negative, as the Pokémon community voiced concerns over the potential health risks and ethical considerations of such a recommendation. Aiming to uphold the game's spirit and player's well-being, the website swiftly removed the contentious advice and replaced it with more wholesome alternatives. The episode serves as a reminder that, while aiming to master the game is exciting, achieving a balance between the digital realm and one's health is paramount.



Pokémon Sleep's concept intertwining sleep quality with gameplay underscores the significance of well-rested living. A good night's sleep not only enhances one's Sleep Score but also contributes to an improved overall score during daytime activities, such as attracting and capturing new Pokémon. Rather than resorting to shortcuts that might compromise well-being, players are encouraged to adopt healthier practices for optimal performance in the game. From indulging in relaxing warm baths to engaging in regular physical activities like walking, these alternatives not only support a fruitful Pokémon journey but also promote a healthier lifestyle. Striking a balance between immersive entertainment and self-care, Pokémon Sleep sets an example for a new generation of gaming experiences.



Pokémon Sleep creatively marries the allure of the Pokémon universe with the importance of quality sleep, adding a playful element to the concept of sleep apps. While controversies like the sleeping pill suggestion remind us of the pitfalls of prioritizing success over well-being, the game's core message endures: a harmonious blend of digital engagement and healthy living leads to a truly enriched Pokémon adventure. So, whether you're catching Pikachus or capturing Zekroms, remember that the path to becoming a Pokémon master starts with a well-rested and balanced approach.



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