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Evergreen Marine receives recognition for eco-friendly efforts

保育藍鯨和藍天 長榮海運獲國際環保獎

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Evergreen Marine Corp. has joined its sister company, the multi-international award-winning EVA Airways, by gaining recognition from environmental and marine life conservation organizations in California. The company received recognition for reducing the speed of its vessels and taking other practical measures to protect blue whales and reduce air pollution.


Every year between the months of July and November, blue, humpback and finback whales, as well as other large marine species, migrate to the open waters off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California’s Santa Barbara Channel region to hunt for food. Thousands of shipping vessels of all different types and sizes pass through these waters annually, which is feared endangers the lives of marine species in the region.


Last year, Evergreen enrolled in the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Vessel Speed Reduction Program. Reduced sailing speeds allow whales more time to move out of the way of ships, thereby reducing the risk of collisions.


Evergreen has pledged it will continue to work hard to conserve marine ecosystems and the marine environments around ports. The company says it has worked with government agencies, research institutes, cargo owners and other businesses within the shipping industry supply chain for many years on a range of environmental protection programs. It says it will employ the latest in shipbuilding construction technology and equipment to build an eco-friendly fleet of ships.


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