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France may be facing a situation of croissant shortage


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

France is now facing a butter shortage because its price has risen by 92 percent in a year, thus threatening the supply of delicious French staples including croissants, pains au chocolat , and brioche.


Even if you’ve never made pastry yourself, anyone who’s watched The Great British Bake Off will know that butter is a key ingredient in viennoiseries of all kinds, such as pains aux raisins, chaussons aux pommes and the kouign amain.


Pastry prices are set to soar, which could make the trip to the boulangerie much more expensive.


"Last April, we were paying €2,500 a tonne," said Matthieu Labbé of the baking industry body FEB (Federation des Entrepreneurs de la Boulangerie). "Now it’s €5,300."


The FEB said this level of price for butter is completely unprecedented. They’ve described it as a "major crisis." The butter shortage has come about due to a lack of milk, which has been a problem since May 2016.


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