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進階影片跟讀#9 : Fuel Prices Fall

加油再等等! 週一汽油降0.7元 柴油降0.9元

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Watch the video 2 times


Read the below article out loud 2 times


State-run refiner CPC Corporation will once again lower fuel prices tomorrow for the seventh consecutive week in light of falling international oil prices.


Gasoline prices are expected to fall NT$0.7 per liter. A liter of 95 octane gasoline will break the NT$30 mark to stand at NT$29.7. Diesel prices will drop NT$0.9 per liter. In addition, the price of bottled gas has dropped NT$2.2 per liter. So if a restaurant uses five gas canisters a month, it can save NT$220.


Play the video and say what you hear



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