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Get ready to crawl! Yes, crawling is the new fitness trend for 2017


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Time to throw out your spin bike or kettle bells, because crawling is set to be the fitness trend of 2017.


Crawling involves floor work which uses the weight of the body, and therefore requires no equipment to perform. "It’s like the new version of the plank, but more interesting," says fitness expert Ashley Hunt.


The rise of high intensity interval training(HIIT)and workouts that can be done at home have set the scene for crawling to explode into the mainstream, she says.


When you crawl, you are working hard to hold a position. This helps not only with your overall strength but also endurance and core musculature stability - from wrists and shoulders through to hips, ankles and toes.


Besides, crawling can also help with healthy blood pressure levels and be beneficial for your back.


The bear crawl, for instance, involves balance and control of the body. This in turn engages multiple muscles in the fingers, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, legs, ankles and toes, and so crawling can be more efficient than other forms of exercise.


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