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Got Hangover ? New Zealand’s ’morning maids’ help clean up post-party mess


Give yourself just 15mins, today! 通勤學英語

A New Zealand maid service cleaning up the homes of hung-over party-hosts has been inundated with requests for their services, from home and abroad.


Flatmates Rebecca and Catherine launched their cleaning service in Auckland. The service picks up the pieces from parties – cleaning up revellers’ debris (including vomit at NZ$10), cooking or buying breakfast for hung-over hosts – even doing coffee and painkiller runs.


Since launching on Facebook in early May, Rebecca and Catherine have been receiving requests from around the country, as well as calls from people in the US and Canada interested in franchising the startup.


Rebecca and Catherine are both in full-time employment, and squeeze their business into their nights and weekends.


"When people answer the door they are usually really apologetic about the state of their house. But we’ve both been in our 20s and partied so it’s nothing we haven’t seen before," laughs Catherine.


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