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Gov’t pushes hydrogen fuel cell cars


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

The Ministry of Environment and the Gwangju Metropolitan Government launched a renewable energy-powered car rental service in the city Monday, including 15 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, in an attempt to raise awareness on eco-friendly transportation.


This is was the first time for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to be available for rent. The Car Sharing project is for those who need vehicles for less than one hour. Customers must make reservations online and pick up the vehicle from a designated parking lot. The rent will cost 3,950 won per 30 minutes.


"Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles usually cost more thus making it more difficult for people to experience them," said Environment Minister Cho Kyeung-kyu. "I hope this service will give people a chance to ride in a fuel cell vehicle and become motivated to buy one."


The fuel cell car has a range of 415 kilometers with a full battery, a big advantage compared to electric vehicles.


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