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HTC is back New U11 smartphone scoops award

HTC回來了 U11奪七百美元以下最佳安卓機

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HTC’s U11 handset has unexpectedly been awarded “Best overall” Android smartphone under US$700 in a product comparison by technology Web site Android Central. The U11 scored highly for its ease of use, its camera and its external design.

科技網站Android Central評比七百美元以下安卓智慧型手機,宏達電HTC U11意外獲得最佳整體評價,勝出關鍵在使用流暢度、相機及外觀設計。

In addition to the “Best overall” category bagged by the HTC U11, Android Central awarded the Google Pixel as “Best for updates,” the LG G6 was awarded “Best for single hands,” while the OnePlus 5 scooped the “Best for less” category.

Android Central此次評比分為「最佳整體評價」、「最佳升級」、 「最佳單手操控」、「最佳性價比」四個項目,分別由HTCU11、Google Pixel、LG G6、OnePlus 5獲得。

Android Central said that while the award might take some readers by surprise, it proves that HTC is well and truly back. Although the U11 doesn’t have the super-sized screen of the Galaxy S8 or LG G6, Android Central says the U11 more than makes up for this with its practicality, smooth super-operation and ─ according to the reviewer ─ probably the best smartphone camera on the market today. As for the phone’s glass rear cover, while being a magnet for fingerprints, the Web site hailed the cover as a “work of art.”

Android Central表示,U11獲選最佳整體評價或許讓不少人感到意外,但卻證明HTC回來了;雖然U11沒有像三星Galaxy S8或LG G6那樣搭載特殊螢幕,卻提供很實用的功能,不僅操作上超級流暢,主相機也可能是目前市面上最好的;至於玻璃背蓋雖然容易沾指紋,但在乾淨狀態下可說是「精品」。

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