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Japan’s Ichiran prepares to woo Taipei diners


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Famous Japanese ramen restaurant, Ichiran, earlier this month formally announced it will open its first restaurant in Taiwan on June 15 in Taipei’s Xinyi District — and the restaurant will stay open 24 hours a day.


A wave of ramen restaurants from Japan have opened up shop in Taiwan in recent years, so that the arrival of Ichiran to Taiwanese shores has been hotly anticipated for some time. As for the price, the restaurant’s famous Tonkotsu Ramen, made from natural pork-bone soup, will cost diners NT$288 and a “noodle refill” will cost NT$58.


In order to counteract the different climatic conditions of Taiwan, Ichiran says it has installed a “noodle production specialist” who resides permanently in Taiwan and makes adjustments according to temperature and humidity on a daily basis to produce perfect, made-to-order fresh Ichiran noodles. Furthermore, the company says all the other ingredients used are authentic and original.


In addition, so that Taiwanese customers can experience the atmosphere of a Japanese Ichiran restaurant, like its stores in Japan, the Taipei outlet will provide “flavor-concentration booths,” the same Ichiran ordering system and a “noodle refill” service.


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