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Jolin Tsai attends Paris Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

歌手蔡依林 受邀巴黎「維密」時尚秀

Singer Jolin Tsai was invited to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris last week, becoming the first female Asian star to be invited to the show. Tsai sat in the front row, captivated by the breathtaking outfits the models were wearing.

When asked whether she would like to walk on the runway if she had the chance in the future, Tsai laughed, simply saying “it would be nice to perform on the stage.” The sexy underwear brand also invited the Chinese supermodels Liu Wen, He Sui, Ming Xi and Ju Xiaowen for the catwalk this year, along with Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars as guest performers.

As this year’s sole Asian guest, Tsai’s name surged to the top of Weibo’s search chart immediately after the news broke.

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