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Kenting National Park moves to protect land crabs

Between the seventh and ninth month of the lunar calender every year is breeding season for Kenting Township’s land crabs. During this time, egg-laden female crabs can often be seen crossing the road. The Pingtung Environmental Conservation Alliance, which has for years participated in campaigns to protect crabs crossing the road, expressed concerns over the dwindling population of land crabs due to roadkill. In response, the Kenting National Park Headquarters on Tuesday last week made a formal announcement regarding roadkill crabs, saying that it is looking into the possibility of constructing an elevated road in Banana Bay, and should begin the initial assessment for the project in 2018.

Preliminary statistics from the park headquarters show the rate of land crab roadkill has increased from 13 percent in 2014 to 22 percent last year.

There are currently 24 known species of land crabs in Banana Bay, spanning five families. If certain sections of the Provincial Highway 26, which runs along Banana Bay, can be elevated instead of directly cutting across the crabs’ habitats, it is possible that Kenting could develop the richest land crab resources in the world.

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