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L’Oreal won’t hire introverts


All you need is just 15mins, today! 每天給自己15分鐘

Introverts need not apply to work at French beauty giant, L’Oreal. If they do, recruiters probably won’t select them, and should they somehow manage to get hired, they aren’t likely to thrive at the company.


That’s just one of many personal characteristics L’Oreal considers when it seeks employees who will fit the company culture. The company prefers confident, outgoing employees because they believe ideas come out of confrontation — they will always challenge you and they want you to defend your views. You also need to have passion, be entrepreneurial and be able to connect with others. Without those, you will "die" at L’Oreal.


To try to keep "casualties" to a minimum, L’Oreal uses various techniques to size-up job candidates’ personalities. For example, it might put applicants through a product or advertising exercise, evaluating their creativity and storytelling skills.


They hope to detect attributes like patience, persistence, curiosity, agility and appetite for risk-taking by subjecting candidates to personality tests and multiple behavioral interviews.


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