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Topic: Junk food habit affects sleep quality

French fries and hamburgers are popular with teenagers. Everyone knows that these high-calorie foods can lead to chronic illnesses such as heart disease and high blood pressure, but, according to a report published by Medical Xpress, a study led by the University of Queensland in Australia has found that eating too much junk food can also have an impact on teenagers’ sleep quality.


According to the research results, teenagers who drink more than three soft drinks per day were 55 percent more likely to report sleep disturbance than those who only drink one cup per day. Males who ate fast foods on more than four days per week were 55 percent more likely to report sleep disturbance than those who ate them only once a week, while females were 49 percent more likely to do so.


This global study examined unhealthy diets and stress-related sleep disturbance in high school students from 64 countries. The study found that 7.5 percent of adolescents reported having stress-related sleep disturbance, which was more common among females than males and increased with more frequent consumption of carbonated soft drinks, as did the occurrence of sleep problems. Because carbonated drinks often contain caffeine and large amounts of sugar, while fast foods are high in energy but poor in nutrients, long-term consumption can cause nutritional imbalances.


These data were collected from global health surveys conducted by the WHO between 2009 and 2016, which included about 170,000 students aged 12 to 15 years from 64 low, middle and high-income countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and the eastern Mediterranean.


The research team said that frequent intake of soft drinks and eating of fast foods is closely associated with sleep problems in teenagers, and that this phenomenon is particularly clear in high-income countries. The research team said that these findings are worrying because poor-quality sleep has an adverse impact on adolescent health and cognitive development. They suggested that policies should be formulated that target these unhealthy behaviors.


Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2021/01/05/2003749938

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Topic: Cognitive decline linked to ultraprocessed food, study finds

Too many daily calories from highly processed foods like lunch meats, frozen dinners, and packaged cookies may speed up cognitive decline, a new study suggests.


In the study, researchers examined the diets and cognitive function test results of more than 8,000 adults in Brazil. At the start of the study, participants consumed an average of about 2,850 calories a day. About 28 percent of their daily calories came from highly processed foods.


After about nine years of follow-up, cognitive test scores for memory and executive function declined the most for participants who ate the most highly processed foods.


Ultraprocessed foods are defined as “industrial formulations of food substances (oils, fats, sugars, starch, and protein isolates) that contain little or no whole foods and typically include flavorings, colorings, emulsifiers, and other cosmetic additives,” according to the study.


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Topic: Taiwan gourmets shocked at Pizza Hut’s newest cilantro, century egg-flavored delight


Pizza Hut is about to release a new “cilantro, century egg pig’s blood cake pizza” (香菜皮蛋豬血糕比薩) whose chaotic combination of flavors is poised to shock even the most daring Taiwanese gourmet.


According to social media users, the new pizza will combine many well-known traditional Taiwanese street foods, and the announcement sparked intense discussions online.


Many thought that the flavors were too strong and would clash. Social media users even teased Pizza Hut, commenting “how much do you hate Italy?”


Pizza Hut had launched many unusual pizza flavors in the past, including stinky tofu, spicy hot pot, ramen, durian, boba, and fried tangyuan.


Their recent Dragon Boat Festival series, which includes Zongzi flavored pizza, is still on the menu.


According to the poster provided by social media users, the cilantro century egg pig’s blood cake pizza is made with four key ingredients: cilantro and peanut powder from Yunlin, braised pig’s blood cake and chewy century eggs.


Some commented that this flavor is challenging people who dislike cilantro, century eggs, and pig’s blood cake, or are allergic to peanuts.


Others expressed their strong dislike over the idea of mixing those four ingredients together.


However, many were still willing to give the pizza a try, commenting “this new flavor is better than pineapple on pizza.”


Another suggested adding “spicy duck blood” or “silver thread buns” (銀絲卷).


Some also joked that Pizza Hut is challenging Italy with this outrageous flavor, with one questioning“Does Pizza Hut want Italy to declare war?” while another said, “If Italy attacks Taiwan, I wouldn’t be surprised.”


According to social media users, this flavor will be released at the end of June.