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Topic: LeBron James Laughs at Your ‘Old’ Lakers Memes. After His Nap.

LeBron James has seen the memes and read the punch lines.


“The narrative about our age,” he said, “I kind of laugh at it. I actually do really laugh. I’m not just saying that.”


The Los Angeles Lakers are old. They are the NBA’s Traveling Wilburys, an aging rock star collective hoping to produce one more chart-topping album. Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan have more mileage between them than a 2003 Honda Civic. Carmelo Anthony, 37, recalled first getting to know James, 36, when they were high school standouts — way back in the previous millennium. At 32, Russell Westbrook is comparatively spry.


“I don’t think it’s going to be like peanut butter and jelly to start the season,” James told reporters ahead of training camp. “But that’s all part of the process.”


In his own small way, James reinvented himself, too, by slightly slimming down at this august stage of his career.


“He’s made the decision to come back a little bit leaner,” Rob Pelinka, the team’s general manager, said. “And I think that’s going to translate in his explosiveness and his quickness.”


Westbrook, a former league MVP, spent last season with the Washington Wizards before he was traded to the Lakers in August. Westbrook called it a “blessing” to be playing in Los Angeles, where he grew up.


“I think it’s because we both understand and know what it takes in order to win, and obviously LeBron knows what it takes to get to that next level,” Westbrook said.


But the aging process is undefeated, and there are obvious concerns about the Lakers’ durability. James, so indestructible for much of his career, has been hampered by injuries in recent years, and Davis limped through the team’s abridged playoff appearance last season. For his part, Pelinka sought to downplay the suggestion that the Lakers were brittle by citing the example of Tom Brady, who, at 44, is still quarterbacking football teams to Super Bowls.


Amid the doubts and the questions about the Lakers, Anthony can make out a path that leads to a championship ring, which would be his first. There were moments in his career, he said, when he considered the possibility of teaming up with James, one of his closest friends. The opportunity never materialized. Perhaps neither player was ready for that to happen, Anthony said.


“But here we are now,” he said. “Timing is everything.”

「不過我們現在是隊友了。」他說,「時機比什麼都重要」。Source article: https://udn.com/news/story/6904/5820559

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Topic: Tom Daley knits away in between dives at Tokyo Olympics

Tom Daley’s way of relaxing between dives off the 10-meter tower at the Olympics keeps him in stitches. Not the laughing kind, but the knitting and crocheting kind.


The 27-year-old Brit took up the hobbies just before the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020. During lockdown, he had plenty of time to perfect his skills.


Daley knits only during the preliminaries of competitions, when there are long stretches between dives, as a way to switch off his mind.


’’If you stay all the way up here with your energy levels and thinking about the dives,’’ he said, ’’it ends up becoming quite draining by the end of it.’’


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Topic: Hungarians grab their partners in nation’s wife-carrying contest 匈牙利人在該國背老婆大賽中抓住另一半

Some 40 Hungarian husbands, with their wives on their backs, clambered over rough terrain on Saturday in the nation’s second wife-carrying contest.


A previous race in October attracted only a dozen couples.


"We have just emerged from a difficult period due to the coronavirus and we need to go and have fun in the open air," Gergely Guraly, who organised the race, told Reuters.


Guraly began preparations in January for the contest, which is said to have origins dating back to the Viking age.


In modern times, the tradition is particularly established in Finland, where it has taken place since the 1990s.


Estonian races have lent their name to the Estonian style of wife-carrying, with the wife upside down and her feet over her husband’s shoulders, rather than a classic piggyback.

愛沙尼亞競賽的名字源自這種愛沙尼亞扛太太的招式,讓太太頭下腳上並把雙腳放在丈夫肩膀上,而非經典的後背式。Source article: https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1471563; https://features.ltn.com.tw/english/article/paper/1473455

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Topic: Shohei Ohtani makes history in MLB All-Star Game

Japanese player Shohei Ohtani achieved another milestone in the Major League Baseball’s (MLB) near-century history, being selected as both a hitter and a pitcher for the All-Star Game. The Los Angeles Angels’ “two-way” sensation was among the starting pitchers for the Denver showcase today Taiwan time.


Ohtani is currently leading the MLB in home runs, and had already been voted by fans to start as a designated hitter for the game. Early this month, he made history by hitting his 30th homer of the season to break the record by legendary Babe Ruth, who hit 29 homers as a two-way player during the 1919 season.


On July 5, Ohtani hit his 31st homer of the season on his 27th birthday to tie Hideki Matsui’s record for most homers in an MLB season by a Japanese-born player. “It makes me happy that I’ve matched a player I’ve looked up to since I was little,” Ohtani said. The once-in-a-century player later broke the record with 33 homers, and is ready to dash more records in baseball.


Source article: https://www.taipeitimes.com/News/lang/archives/2021/07/14/2003760791

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Topic: Choo Shin-soo becomes latest Korean big leaguer to come home 秋信守成為最新一位回國發展的韓籍大聯盟球員

Choo Shin-soo, a former All-Star outfielder for the Texas Rangers, signed a 2.7 billion contract to play for the SK Wyverns, which will soon be taken over by the retailer Shinsegae Group.


Following a 16-year big league career, Choo immediately becomes the highest-paid player in Korea Baseball Organization history. The 38-year-old also joins a long list of former Korean major leaguers who began their professional careers outside the country but chose to end them on home soil.


But few of those players could match Choo’s Major League Baseball credentials. With 218 home runs, 782 RBIs, 157 steals and a .275/.377/.447 slash line over 1,652 games, Choo isn’t just the greatest Korean position player in MLB. He is also one of the very best to come from Asia.

但該名單中的那些球員,幾乎都比不上秋信守的大聯盟資歷。出賽1652場累計218發全壘打、782分打點、157次盜壘和打擊率2成75、上壘率3成77、長打率4成47的「打擊三圍」。秋信守不僅是大聯盟最偉大的韓籍「非投手球員」,他也是大聯盟最佳的亞洲球員之一。Source article: https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/world/paper/1433988