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Lego fan creates campus from 6,000 blocks

就愛玩樂高 六千片做出學校模型

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Wu Chih-hsien, a student in the Art and Design Department of Hsinchu City’s World Senior High School, has been mad about lego since he was small. He says, after he got into lego, he started challenging himself to make all kinds of difficult models and, as making models from lego demands patience and time, he spent most of his childhood playing with it. Even now, he says, he doesn’t go in for online games, and still spends his time making things with lego.


This year, for the school’s graduation show, he spent six months creating a lego model of the school campus, using 6,000 blocks. He made classroom scenes of various departments throughout the school, including the beauty, childcare, automobile maintenance and art and design departments completely out of lego blocks. He did not just stop at making the classroom scenes, which were extremely difficult to do, either: he even made perfect, remarkably true-to-life models of toilet bowls in the bathrooms, with an astounding degree of realism.


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