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Lin An-ko pitches 146km/hour: leaves early following cramps

林安可飆速一百四十六公里  卻抽筋提前退場

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Meifu Giants’ ace pitcher Lin An-ko pitched fastballs of up to 146km/hour against opponents Kainan University, but had to retire early from the pitch after getting muscle cramps. His early departure robbed him of a chance to set a new record, with his team falling behind after he left the field.


In the first two innings Lin pitched a succession of 146km/hour fastballs, only giving up a single run but, pitching to the final batter in the second inning, got cramp in his right calf and fell to the ground. Still, he rose to the occasion, closing the inning with a strike-out.


In the third inning, Lin’s speed fell, his control affected. He immediately conceded two hits in a row and, seeing one hitter out but allowing two successive walks, allowed Kainan to claw back a point.


Lin said that the conditions on the day had been pretty good, but he had not intentionally pushed his pitching speed up a notch, being quite surprised that he had pitched 146 km/hour balls. Neither had he expected to get cramp for the first time in play and be forced to exit early.


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