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Line stickers designed by Taiwanese artists go viral

台灣原創LINE貼圖 風靡全球

Chat app Line has recently celebrated the second anniversary of Line Creators Market. On Thursday last week, Line held a forum on creating original Line stickers and invited creators of famous Line stickers from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan to share their experience designing Line stickers.

Line also announced the 14 Line stickers designed by Taiwanese that are ranked among the top 100 most popular Line stickers in the world. Of all 14 stickers designed by Taiwanese, the sticker set “the Haughty Smelly Cat” is the fourth most popular in the world.

Since it was launched in 2014, the Line Creators Market has released nearly 240,000 original stickers for download in Taiwan. At present, Line has over 57,000 creators of original Line stickers around the world and Taiwanese account for nearly one percent of them. The number of Taiwanese creators shows the nation has endless creative energy.

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