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Lugang Wen Wu Temple opens doors for votive candles

鹿港文武廟迎新春 開放點光明燈

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The lunar new year will soon be upon us and, to welcome the Year of the Rooster, the Lugang Wen Wu Temple is opening its doors for members of the public to light the wenchang, guangming and taisui votive candles.


The Lugang Wen Wu Temple is a county-level historic site, and it is classed as a traditional three-in-one cultural, educational and worshipping building complex. The whole complex consists of three individual units, with the Wenkai Academy to the left, the Wen Shrine in the center, and the Wu Temple to the right. The Wen Wu Temple is the name for the whole complex, but it is popularly known as the Wen Shrine, and primarily dedicated to the worship of Wenchang Tichun, or the Imperial Lord Wenchang, the Taoist god of culture and literature.

鹿港文武廟屬於縣定古蹟,而文武廟屬於三合一式的傳統文教祭祀空間,文開書院居左、文祠居中、武廟居右等三個體組成的建築群,統稱為「文武廟」或俗稱 「文祠」,主祀文昌帝君。

The Wen Wu Temple is the only temple in Lugang dedicated to the worship of the Imperial Lord Wenchang, and many students studying for their exams make a special trip to the temple to light a guangming votive candle to redeem a vow for doing well in the exams and getting good marks.


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