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Lunar New Year in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia


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Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia all celebrate the new year in style. In addition to the usual dragon and lion dances, family meals and handing out of red envelopes, each local area has its own unique traditions for celebrating the new year.


In Taiwan there is a tradition that the evening of the third day — Jan. 30 — is the wedding banquet for mice. According to this custom, families leave out morsels of food in their kitchens for the mice to dine on. They make sure they go to bed early, too, so as not to disturb the mice’s festivities.


In Hong Kong, and from the British influence, people mark the third day of the year at the tracks for the New Year’s horce racing, and enjoy the footie with the Lunar New Year Cup on the fourth day. Another popular custom is to visit the Lam Tsuen wishing trees in the New Territories town of Tai Po. People write their wishes onto pieces of paper before attaching them to plastic tangerines, which they then throw into the trees.


Finally, in Singapore and Malaysia, where there are large Chinese-speaking communities, there is the unique custom of exchanging mandarin oranges. When people bainian, which means to visit friends and relatives and wish them good fortune for the coming year, they will present the host with two mandarin oranges, which symbolize good luck. When they leave, the host will also give them two oranges in return. During the new year period, mandarin oranges are generally in short supply.


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