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Mar-Apr: About Japan - 東奧聖火明重新起跑與狗狗專用避難包 Tokyo Olympics to kick off torch relay again tomorrow

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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K095: Tokyo Olympics to kick off torch relay again tomorrow

The torch relay of the Tokyo Olympics is set to begin tomorrow from Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, which was devastated by the nuclear disaster in 2011. The Olympic flame will travel across Japan for months. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, fans along the roadsides watching the relay need to social distance, wear masks and cheer quietly.


Earlier last month, some athletes and celebrities withdrew from the torch relay due to then Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee president Yoshiro Mori’s discriminatory remarks against women. The organizer announced recently that Japanese centenarian Kane Tanaka will join the relay in May to cheer the nation. Born in 1903, the 118-year-old granny is the world’s oldest verified living person today.


The Tokyo Olympics featuring 11,000 athletes is scheduled to open on July 23. The committee announced last weekend that international fans would not be allowed to attend the games this time. Due to fear of large crowds spreading the coronavirus, 77 percent of the Japanese are opposed to the opening to foreign spectators.


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毛小孩遇地震怎麼辦?日發明「狗狗專用避難包」 | Japanese pet shop creates emergency kit for dogs


Most people have an emergency kit at home in case of emergencies, so what should people with pets do when a natural disaster occurs? In Japan, a pet shop launched a survival bag for dogs that can be tied to the dog’s body if any emergency happens. The survival gear inside can not only save the dog but also save the owner’s life.

根據SoraNews24報導,在過去,毛小孩遭逢意外、遇到天災,沒辦法成功脫困、甚至失蹤的案例層出不窮,有鑑於此,日本寵物用品店Pet Memorial Shops設計一款防水、防火以聚氨酯、聚酯纖維所製成的狗狗專用避難包。

According to SoraNews24, many cases of dogs fail to escape from the tragedy in an accident or natural disaster. With this observation in mind, the Japanese pet store Pet Memorial Shops designed evacuation life bags made of waterproof, fireproof polyurethane and polyester. Source article: ;