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Massachusetts College Offers ’Refugee Scholarship’ After Trump’s Muslim Ban


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A college in Massachusetts is standing up to President Donald Trump by offering a scholarship to students that come from the seven predominately Muslim countries recently placed on an immigration ban list.


Wheaton College’s "refugee scholarship" will prioritize students seeking immediate entrance to the U.S., in the hope that Trump’s ban will be lifted soon.


"The Wheaton Refugee Scholarship will cover all costs of attendance and will be awarded to a refugee student from a war-torn nation," the school announced. "Selection preference will be for a qualified student from one of the seven nations outlined in the president’s executive order on immigration:Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen."


Wheaton says people from the affected countries "have faced extraordinary hardships and we believe it is our responsibility as global educators to make this commitment at this time."


Trump’s ban on refugees led to protests at airports across the nation. Even within the State Department, 900 employees formally denounced the president’s actions.


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