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Meet Bitcoin Gold, Yet Another New Kind of Bitcoin


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After bitcoin endured a split back in August, creating the new Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, it happened again on October 24. This time, the aim was to create a new coin called Bitcoin Gold.


As before, the split—known as a “fork” in the industry—has led to two currencies, each having the same transaction history up until the point of separation, where they went their own ways.


The creation of Bitcoin Cash was intended as a solution to bitcoin’s scaling problems, so what’s the deal with Bitcoin Gold? The new version has a different goal: to re-decentralize the mining of bitcoin.


While bitcoin started out as something that many people could “mine”—with their computers racing against others to be the first to verify blocks of transactions—it can these days only be mined by someone with warehouses full of specialist equipment. This leaves the profitable activity in the hands of a relatively small group of players, and the people behind Bitcoin Gold (BTG) want regular people to be able to play again.


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