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Microsoft Thinks AI Will Fill Your Blind Spots, Not Take Over Your Job


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

At an event in London on July 12, Microsoft announced that it’s bringing together a new team of 100 engineers and researchers under the umbrella of Microsoft Research AI at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Speaking at the event, Eric Horvitz, the managing director of Microsoft Research, said that he thinks the initiative will put Microsoft on "the path to understanding the mysteries of human intellect."


Ensuring that humans and AI can neatly coexist will be hugely important for business. Right now, you might think of algorithms as simplistic aides, while in the future, it’s often said, they’ll steal away jobs. But there’s a gulf between those realities, and the truth is that humans and machines will labor together for decades to come.


As an example, the team pointed to a project it’s working on that uses machine learning to digest historical medical cases and alert doctors to potential problems that they may have missed when making a diagnosis or discharging a patient. The implication is that AI shouldn’t necessarily take over from humans but, rather, help them do a better a job.


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